The best way to Book is via App! 

Introducing the Brand New Pall Mall Barbers NYC App and Online Booking System!

The best way to Book is via App! 


New App users can make:

* reschedule and cancel appointments ‪24/7, with real-time availability
* include self-check-in
* quick rebooking
* auto-pay
* loyalty programs
* connect your booking with Google Calendar
* reminders
* make multiple appointments

Update & Go

*Automate your payment or even pay on your phone with GO
*Self-check-in when you walk into our centre
*Contactless Check-in & Check-out with Go. Stay safe by going contactless for your check-in and payment. Prevention is better than cure!

How it works

*Using geo signals, we recognize as you arrive at the Location
*You Receive an automated notification to Check-in on the app
*Your stylist is notified once you confirm Check-in
*Your Stylist updates your invoice if you purchase any Add-on or products
*After the service, Self-Pay on your app or simply walk out if you’ve enabled AutoPay

If you require further information or have any questions about the new booking system, please do not hesitate to contact us by email: clientcare@pallmallbarbers.com

Please note the previous PMB App is now defunct. If you previously had the App installed on your device, please update the new Pall Mall Barbers NYC App

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