So, you want to have the Bradley Cooper Hair Style? We can’t guarantee you’ll end up with a face that attracts millions of pounds or people, but we can do our best. The Bradley Cooper hair style is a production with three possible endings as the award-winning, Hollywood heartthrob has rocked three main styles over the past few years. When you pop into our Birmingham barbers, we will advise you as to which one suits your head shape, texture and overall look.  Pall Mall Barbers Midtown Address: 10 Rockefeller Plaza Lower Concourse, New York City, NY 10020, United States

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So, let’s get started –

Short-medium back and sides with messy spikes

What should you say to your New York  barber if you want this style and you don’t have a photo? Simply ask for a short scissor cut, short around the ears, graded up and leave some length on top for short, messy spikes.

The great thing about this Bradley Cooper hair style is that it can make a man of any age look great. Whether you’re 15 or 50 (or somewhere in between), this is a great choice as you scroll through potential new haircuts. It also works well for most hair-types, although it will probably look best on medium-to-thick Caucasian hair.

Pall Mall Barbers Midtown is a great answer to the question, ‘What’s the best barbers near me?’ because we don’t just deliver fantastic haircuts, we consult and advise so you can maintain the look long-term. Fortunately, this particular style isn’t difficult to keep fresh, you will need to visit one of our New York barbers once ever 2-4 weeks. You will also need to wash and condition at least 1-2 times per week. Plus, there’s no need to blow dry, you can just towel dry this bad boy and style it at home with a pot of our texture enhancer (ask our New York barbers about this).

Medium-long slick back with layers

When you visit our Midtown barbers you can simply show them this photo, or just say:

“I’d like a medium to long length slick back but not too flat to the scalp, layers on top with lots of texture”

It’s a bit of a mouthful but it’s one of the most magnificent haircuts out there. A stylish, suave look that can make a teenager look like a gent and a mature fellow feel like a stallion.

For this Bradley Cooper ‘Get The Look’, we recommend you visit your favorite NYC barbers once every 4-6 weeks. At home, wash and condition your hair at least twice a week. After a wash, give it a quick towel dry and then blow dry it backwards while it’s still a little wet.

Much like the acting of our old pal pictured above, this Bradley Cooper hair is versatile. You can shift between swept back and middle/ side partings – both super easy to do at home. You don’t need a lot of product either, maybe a dash of mousse or hairspray. Ask our Midtown barbers when you’re in our shop, they’ll advise you.

Long length, brushed back with slight middle parting with layers

If this Bradley Cooper hair style ticks your boxes, here’s what you should say to your New York barbers:

“I’d like my hair to be long with a natural middle parting with enough length so that the back reaches the bottom of the neck. Put some layers in and keep it long around the ears but with a natural finish.”

If you don’t want to remember that script, show them the image and let our expert New York barbers work their magic. To maintain this style, you will need to visit our Midtown barbers (or any of our Midtown barbers) once every 4-6 weeks. You will need to wash and condition at least once a week.

One thing we love about this Bradley Cooper Get The Look is that you just need a splash of water and your hand to style it in the mornings. If you need any product, it might be a smidgen of mousse just to stop the hair from moving around. Ask our New York barbers about this and they’ll guide you.

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