Gentleman’s Barber Services

Gentleman’s Barber Services

Our award-winning haircuts and barber services are used by over 70,000 haircuts a year, delivered by our dedicated barbers who offer every customer individualized advice on all aspects of their grooming regime. Every service starts with an in-depth consultation which helps your barber deliver the perfect service, so you can look and feel fantastic and make the right impression, every time. Post-Covid-19 Procedures

Service Duration Price
Hair Styling

Every haircut at Pall Mall Barbers Midtown New York starts with an in-depth consultation to understand your individual style and requirements. This enables our barbers to recommend the right cut to suit you.

Once the cut has been decided, your hair and scalp will be washed and cleaned using our bespoke Pall Mall Barbers Shampoo. After your haircut, the barber will style your hair using Pall Mall Barbers Hair Styling Product and give you tips so that you can achieve the same look at home. We also offer a Restyle Service (below) if you want a change.

30 mins $45

A Re-Style consultation is perfect if you don't feel that your current haircut fits with your style. Your barber will take the extra time to conduct a thorough consultation and come up with a range of styles to discuss with you. If you already have an idea of what you'd like, please bring any images along with you.

We'll then cut and style your hair using the Pall Mall Barbers range of products and your barber will offer you advice on which products to use and how to apply them to reproduce your new style every day.

45 mins $60
Clippers Back & Sides

If you feel like the back and sides need looking after more regularly than the top then this is the perfect service for you. Your barber will use clippers to trim the back and sides precisely and blend them into the top section if required.

This service can only be performed on hair without any styling product in, so please wash your hair before coming and refrain from using any product.

15 mins $35
Just Clippers

This service is perfect for the gentleman who keeps his hair short all over. Using just clippers for the service means we can provide a quick and precise service to let you get on with your day.

15 mins $25
Just Clippers with Wash

Extend your clipper cut with a Pall Mall Barbers wash to leave your hair feeling incredible. Your barber will also finish your cut with a straight edge razor to give you the sharpest cut you've had.

30 mins $35
Skin Fade with Haircut

Skin fades are one of the newest and most popular styles around and the team at Pall Mall Barbers midtown New York are experts at delivering this style.

As with all haircuts, a skin fade starts with an in-depth consultation that also analyses the shape of the head, hair type and desired hairstyle to deliver the sharpest cut. Following the skin fade, your barber will start on the traditional haircut, blending it into the sides if required. The skin fade perfectly merges the traditional skills of a barber with the talents of a hairdresser.

45 mins $55
Skin Fade (back and sides only)

Skin fades require more attention than regular cuts, and we recommend that the fade is trimmed every two weeks, to keep the cut leaving as sharp as possible. This service is ideal for the gentleman who wants to keep his skin fade on point all the time.

30 mins $45
Head Shave

Our head shaves are performed with a straight edge razor and utilize our luxury shaving product range. Each shave starts with the scalp being treated and protected using Pall Mall Barbers pre-shave scrub. Then a hot towel is applied to prepare the skin. Our bespoke Sandalwood and Clove Shaving Cream is then massaged into the scalp.

Our shaves are all completed by barbers with years of experience to leave you with the closest cut imaginable. Following the shave, the scalp is treated to reduce redness and keep the skin hydrated.

30 mins $45
Luxury Wet Shave

As with our haircuts, our wet shaves start with an in-depth consultation, focusing on your shaving regimen, examining your facial hair to determine the direction of hair growth and identify any ingrowing hairs, analyzing the stubble density and understanding your skin sensitivity.

Your luxury shave will include a pre-shave skin preparation, two layers of our bespoke shaving cream applied with a badger hair brush, the shave, completed with a straight-edge razor and then post-shave skincare to leave your skin feeling fresh.

45 mins $60
Express Shave

The express shave is a perfect add-on to any haircut for a gentleman who wants to look and feel his best. Based on our 3-step shaving system we deliver a clean shave, free of irritation and redness.

This can be upgraded to our full luxury shave for an extra $XX, which gives the time to have the second shave against the grain and additional skin treatment.

30 mins $45
Beard Styling
Beard Styling

This service is perfect for a gentleman who likes to keep his beard short. With this option, the beard is completely trimmed using clippers and then finished using precision trimmers. The moustache is styled with Pall Mall Barbers Moustache Wax, if required, and the whole beard is treated with our specialist Sandalwood and Clove Beard Oil.

15 mins $20
Beard Styling

This option is for the gentleman with a longer beard that can't be trimmed with clippers. Your barber will use a range of tools and techniques to expertly shape your beard. Once the desired shape and style has been reached, the moustache is styled with Pall Mall Barbers Moustache Wax if required and the whole beard is treated with our specialist Sandalwood and Clove Beard Oil.

30 mins $40
Full Shaping & Shave

Our Full Beard experience is the height of luxury for gentlemen who are committed to the perfect beard. The experience starts with a hot towel to prepare the beard before it is trimmed using a straight edge razor. This is the most precise service available and will leave your beard looking impeccable. Once the cut is complete, a cold towel is used to close your pores and keep the face hydrated. The moustache is shaped with moustache wax and the beard is treated with our specialist Sandalwood and Clove Beard Oil.

45 mins $60

Friction is the traditional barber’s method to refresh and reinvigorate the hair and scalp after a haircut. Choose your fragrance from the wide range of Pall Mall Barbers scents and then lie back and relax. Your barber massages the scent into the scalp. The massage creates friction with the scalp, encouraging blood flow to return to the skin and relieving stress. This is the most relaxing way to end any barbering experience and you'll leave feeling relaxed, smelling great and looking sharp.

6-7 mins $7
Men’s Color

Let our expert Colorist transform your hair or beard using the fantastic coloring products from Redken. If you’re looking a little more salt than pepper, would like to add youthful highlights or shade your hair with natural black and brown shades, then our color services are perfect for you. All of our color services will be carried out by our specialist, who will start with a color consultation to choose the right shade for your hair.

Semi-Permanent Color (30 mins / $45) With haircut (60 mins / $90)

Our Men’s Semi Permanent Color uses Redken Color Camo treatment and is perfect for blending grays or adding definition to a haircut. A customizable color that leaves the hair looking natural, with a shade to suit you. Provides subtle color for 2-4 weeks. Can also be booked with a haircut

30-60 mins $45
Permanent Color (45 mins / $60) With haircut (1h 15 mins / $105)

A Permanent Color appointment starts with a full consultation to choose your preferred color swatch from the Redken Shades range – you can choose to lift or darken the hair color, and our colorist will be able to advise you of what is possible for your natural color.

Your hair will be left looking glossier and healthier, with a permanent sheen. Can also be booked with a haircut.

45 mins - 1h 15 mins $60

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