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How often should I be going to the barbers?

Where is Pall Mall Barbers New York?

Pall Mall Barbers Midtown Address: 10 Rockefeller Plaza Lower Concourse, New York City, NY 10020, United States

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For guys who choose the right barbers in New York City, they want to be there all the time. It becomes addictive because it’s our own kind of therapy and we have the chance to be pampered and pruned without anybody peering into our business or privacy. We get some ‘me’ time and nothing disrupts it except when it’s time to rise from the soft leather seat and march outside into the world with fresh confidence. However, there are times when you think to yourself, “How often should I be getting my haircut?” It’s a great question and one that a lot of clients ask our barbers. If you search online for the answer you might find yourself lost among an ocean of blog posts and articles attempting to nab your attention but in essence, they tend not to directly deliver you an answer.

Particularly if you are trying to grow a big, bold beard – you need to resist the temptation to take it for a trim. There will be times throughout the growing pains period when it just feels itchy, scruffy and you want to pull it from its roots. You must maintain discipline and invest in some quality beard oil to keep it in check!

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Back to your hair; this is the general rule of thumb:

Skin Fade or a Short Clipper Cut

If you want to keep that skin fade looking fresh, it does take a bit of maintenance. We advise visiting your barber every 1-2 weeks to get this cut. Some clients even visit us twice a week to get that skin-fade looking as sharp as possible for both the working week and the weekend.

If you have a short grade on top i.e. a grade 1,2,3 – again every 1-2 weeks will keep it looking clean.

Clippers back and sides

You might be growing the top out or fancy having a bit of extra length to style but still want to be keeping them sides sharp. If so, go see your barber every 3 weeks to keep the style looking smart.

Scissor Cut

As a rule of thumb, to maintain the overall shape of a scissor cut we recommend booking in once a month.

Get expert advice from your barber

Now, these rules should be applied generally and for specific instructions catered to your hair style and type, you should visit the best barbers in New York City (Pall Mall Barbers) and speak with one of our team. They will talk you through and guide you towards the light on the subject of when you should be coming in and how often you should return.

The reason we take the consultative side of cutting hair so seriously is that we are more than just barbers, we are the artists and architects of your style, your face and your confidence. We combine science with art using our experience and expertise which dates all the way back to 1896 when we opened our first barbers in London. If you are wondering how often you should have a haircut or how many times per month you should visit the barbers, then why not walk into our barbershop at the Rockefeller Center in New York City and have a chat with our friendly team – we are here to help. Whether you need a classic, traditional service like a wet shave or a more modern hair style which needs intricately executing; we are the best barbers in New York City and we are ready to serve you. Take time out of your schedule to get your grooming routine up to scratch because if your hair and beard is on point then that’s one less thing you have to worry about. You already know you are looking like a boss, feeling like a boss so when you go for that next job, try to sell that next deal or seduce that girl you are prepared and ready to roll. That is what Pall Mall Barbers of NYC can bring to your life – are you in?

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