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Richard Marshall, CEO of Pall Mall Barbers, Joins Small Business Council UK: A New Chapter for SMEs

We are excited to share the news that Richard Marshall, the CEO and Founder of Pall Mall Barbers, has been appointed as one of the new SME Council members for the Small Business Council UK. This appointment not only reflects Richard’s exemplary leadership in the small business sector but also signals a significant milestone for Pall Mall Barbers and the broader small business community.

“I feel honoured to be selected to be part of the Small Business Council held at 10 Downing Street each quarter. I’m committed to adding as much value as possible to help shape the future of business in the UK.” Richard Marshall | CEO & Founder of Pall Mall Barbers

A Diverse Representation of UK Industry

The Small Business Council UK brings together firms from various sectors spanning the length and breadth of the UK, including manufacturing, construction, food and drink, and beyond. 

This diverse representation is crucial as it ensures that the council truly mirrors the rich tapestry of the UK industry landscape. With Richard Marshall – the CEO and Founder of Pall Mall Barbers – joining the ranks, Pall Mall Barbers contributes a unique perspective shaped by innovation, quality, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

“Almost every business in the country is a small business (99.9%) who in turn supports 27 million jobs across the UK, accounting for £4.5 trillion of annual turnover. Almost every billion-pound company, tech giant or multinational corporation started as a small business, which is why this Council has been formed, to help support and nurture the next generation of small firms to thrive and grow.” – From Department of Business and Trade and Kevin Hollinrake MP

Advocating for Small Business Interests

Central to the mission of the Small Business Council UK is its role as a potent advocate for small businesses within the government. Tasked with overseeing three pivotal areas – access to finance, skills development and support, and the removal of barriers – the council serves as a proactive voice championing the needs and interests of small firms across the nation.

Empowering Growth and Innovation

As a seasoned entrepreneur and visionary leader, Richard Marshall is poised to make a significant impact as a council member. Drawing upon his wealth of experience at Pall Mall Barbers, he brings invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities small businesses face. With a focus on fostering an environment conducive to growth, innovation, and resilience, Richard aims to drive positive change that propels small businesses towards success.

“The Government is ensuring small firms have the support they need with a £4.3 billion package to support SMEs with business rates and extending the Retail, Hospitality and Leisure relief for a fifth year, we are helping businesses navigate challenging economic times.

We are also providing the swift and simple access to finance that SMEs need to start and grow, with the British Business Bank delivering over £1 billion of loans to over 100,000 businesses, and UK Export Finance providing £6.5 billion of support to help businesses export around the world.”  – From Department of Business and Trade and Kevin Hollinrake MP


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Building a Brighter Future Together

Richard Marshall‘s appointment to the Small Business Council UK underscores Pall Mall Barbers‘ steadfast commitment to supporting entrepreneurship and economic prosperity. As we embark on this new chapter alongside other council members, we are optimistic about the collective impact we can achieve in shaping a brighter future for SMEs across the UK.

Read more here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/sme-council-membership-revealed-ahead-of-first-meeting

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