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Duke of Cambridge | Prince of Wales – Prince William Visits

duke of cambridge

The Prince of Wales, born in 1982, is the first-born son and the sovereign’s direct heir to the throne of His Majesty The King and the late Diana Princess of Wales.

Prince William married his longtime partner Princess Catherine in 2011 and has since added three children to their family – Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are based in Kensington Palace where The Prince carries out his public duties in support of The King within England’s confines and abroad.

The couple takes a particular interest in supporting many charitable activities as well as numerous projects aimed at bettering people’s lives throughout the world.

duke of cambridge

The Eldest Son – Prince of Wales

The Duke of Cambridge now the Prince of Wales, better known as Prince William, is the eldest son of Charles, Prince of Wales and the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

He serves in a plethora of roles, most notably Duke of Cambridge, Duke of Sussex, Duke of Kent and Duke of York. He has become influential in charity work, conservation and public service by leading initiatives with The Royal Foundation, Heads Together and many other dedicated organisations.

His inspiring influence proves that through hard work, dedication and commitment it is possible to make a difference for those who are less fortunate or less heard.

Guinness Six Nations

Over the years, the Duke of Cambridge now the Prince of Wales – Prince William has greatly supported the growth and popularity of the Guinness Six Nations rugby tournament. Since 2005, His Royal Highness has actively attended many matches, which have strengthened ties to the event amongst members of the royal family. – six nations

He’s also had an active role in promoting the tournament to a much wider audience. By attending significant matches such as Wales how against England in 2011 and Scotland vs Ireland in 2016, Prince William has been a strong advocate for increasing awareness of the grand prowess that is displayed at every annual Guinness Six Nations championship.

Duke of Cambridge and Queen Elizabeth ii

The Duke of Cambridge, otherwise known as Prince William – The Prince of Wales, is one of the strongest assets of Queen Elizabeth II’s monarchy. He is a symbol of stability and strength to his subjects throughout the Commonwealth, including in places such as Canada and Australia.

Since ascending to Duke in 2011, many of his contributions to the crown are quietly but firmly respected throughout its realms: he has taken part in numerous charitable initiatives, represented Her Majesty abroad at state functions, and remains an active military Officer –even remaining on duty during Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee year (2012).

As Duke, Prince William often serves as a focal point for media attention and public appetite that inspires insight into the traditions and values held by the monarchy. As we continue through 2020 with the coronation just around the corner, Duke William will no doubt keep proving his worth and influence as an international symbol of loyalty and dedication to Her Majesty and her family.

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Prince of Wales – Prince William and His Mental Health Campaign

The Prince of Wales, better known as Prince William (Duke of Cambridge), spearheaded the Heads Together mental health campaign in 2017 alongside The Princess of Wales and The Duke of Sussex.

The campaign was a powerful coalition between eight different mental health charities, whose main aim was not just to reduce stigma but also to increase awareness and access to vital help for people from all backgrounds suffering from mental health issues.

The success in 2017 can be seen already; with a record number of people talking openly about their own experiences concerning mental health and an unprecedented influx of support for the Heads Together mission.

Expressing Your Emotions – Men’s Mental Health Week

Sadly, the case lies differently for men and boys out there. In societies that expect you to be “tough” and “strong” to be masculine enough, one topic that’s always swept under the carpet is mental health. Let’s spare some time to discuss this topic today.

After all, there’s no auspicious time to speak about it than in June, the month dedicated to men’s mental health awareness!

Traditionally, men have been reluctant to acknowledge their feelings of loneliness, anxiety, low self-esteem, and even depression as it can cost their identity of “being a man.” As a result, most men and boys are used to bottling up their feelings due to patriarchal constitutions of what makes a man – a man.

The good news is, we are making positive progress today by acknowledging men for their unique mental health issues, providing space for conversation, and recognizing the need to address them. However, there’s still more work at large, especially in conservative societies.

duke of cambridge

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Men’s Mental Health Awareness

The issue of men’s mental health awareness has skyrocketed in the past decade with the Duke of Cambridge known as The Prince of Wales, Prince William, leading the charge. The advocacy for this subject began with William and his own personal struggles which started a reverential culture shift about the promotion of positive conversations for men.

The goal of these efforts is to ensure all men have access to compassionate mental health support and resources so they can live their best lives without the stigma attached to discussing how they are feeling. The progress that has been achieved in this realm has inspired future generations and created an inclusive environment where male mental health issues can be discussed openly and extensively.

duke of cambridge

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Prince William Visits Pall Mall Barbers

On February 14th 2019, Pall Mall Barbers had the immense privilege of welcoming HRH Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge, to our Paddington barbershop. Prince William visited our Paddington barbershop.

HRH Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge, alongside his wife The Duchess of Cambridge and The Duke and Duchess of Sussex – of course, we know them better as Kate, Harry and Meghan, but titles are titles – lead Heads Together, a mental health initiative for young people, veterans and homeless charities aimed at addressing the growing mental health crisis in our country.

A Royal Visit at Pall Mall Barbers

Prince William arrived at the barbershop with our Founder & CEO Richard Marshall, battling the crowds of Royal fans who had gathered outside to witness the Prince in person. He spent time speaking with our barbers talking about the importance of addressing mental health issues.

We gifted him with some of our award-winning products, and whilst he was in the barbershop he joked that he didn’t really need too much help in the way of haircuts any more.

Richard Marshall later said the occasion was ‘an incredibly special one which gave him a great sense of fulfilment and accomplishment’.

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Pall Mall Barbers and The Media

The work that Prince William and his family are doing to draw attention to mental health has been incredibly valuable, and the conversations are generating plenty of press coverage.

The visit attracted global media attention with Richard Marshall being interviewed on ITV News London whilst General Manager Daniel Davies spoke live on Sky News.

The Royal household covered the visit, with tweets and articles from Kensington Palace and the Royal Family as well as the Heads Together initiative.

Additionally, the Daily Mail, Channel 5, Hello, People and the Daily Express all reported on this momentous occasion. The news even travelled as far as Australia and Canada!

Our Mental Health Solution

The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William brought attention to the UK’s mental health crisis when he had an open discussion about his own struggles with anxiety.

For those living and working in London, the risk of experiencing anxiety and other psychological issues is particularly heightened by the demanding 9-5 jobs, long commutes and costly rents.

But now with the ever-present phenomena of loneliness spreading through social media, this creates a perfect storm that can eventually lead to deteriorating mental health.

Out of all these worries, men are even less likely to seek professional help for their mental health needs than women – making it essential for them to take particular care of their well-being.

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Pall Mall Barbers New York- Rockefeller Center Best Barber Shop New York

Pall Mall Barbers New York is one of the most respected barber shops in Rockefeller Center in New York, providing the best barber services for the modern man.

We are empowering and developing every gentleman’s distinct style for over 500 years of combined experience in the barber industry and we know exactly how to make your first impressions count.

Our barbershop new york in Rockefeller Center services include the best men’s haircuts, straight razors, hot towel shaves, finest wet shaves, and beard trims – using our very own award-winning barber product range, it’s an experience that seamlessly blends our history with the excellent haircut services from the best New York master barbers.

One of the first things that people notice when they meet you is your hairstyle. Make sure you leave a great first impression!

We ask you questions about your hairstyle, or beard look at your Face shape ask questions and listen to what you want, it’s all part of our consultation before we start your tailored barber service.

We empower men to look and feel fantastic each day, with great hair cut, and beard trims, also tips on how to manage your style or beard with our award-winning men’s styling products, and cleanse, treat and style range.

With over 8600+ 5 Star reviews & 500+ years of combined international barbering experience across the Pall Mall Barbers team, Serving Londoners for over 127 years… with consent innovation and first-class professional barber training for our talented barbers.

By Royal appointment, we had the prestigious honour of a royal appointment to host His Royal Highness Prince William, who graced our barber chairs.

Working with brands from the Champions League final, Master Card, Google, Facebook, and Hugo Boss to the England Cricket Team, and media from BBC1, ITV, Sky, GQ, and Men’s Health.

Best Barber Shop in New York City – Rockefeller Center

Our team of genuinely talented New York barbers can offer grooming advice as well as classic and, modern gents haircuts and all manner of barber shop services from hot towel shaves, and luxury wet shaves to beard trimming and beard styling, Providing the best haircuts in Rockefeller Center Midtown New York, along with that great barber banter.

We know how important it is to keep yourself looking groomed all year round. That is why we produced a vast range of luxury men grooming products, inspired by our client’s needs and lifestyles. It reveals a character that asserts itself independence and determination, for the city gentleman who chooses his own destiny.

Our men’s grooming product range is used by our hair stylists in-store and can be purchased therefore you can recreate that unique style with ease – with a little friendly advice from one of our highly skilled team of New York premium barbershop. – Rockefeller Center

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Pall Mall Barbers Barber Shop NYC – British Barber In Midtown Manhattan

Our elegant barber shop in Rockefeller Center includes quality men’s great haircut, beard trims styling, and luxury wet shaves from the best professional barbers styled with our range of award-winning men’s barber products that can be purchased in-store too.

From classic techniques to modern men’s hairstyles, our refined premium barber shop services add an element of relaxation and good looks to our client’s life. Make your first impression count – We are on a mission to be the best barber shop new york in Rockefeller Center has to offer for our clients.

Where is Pall Mall Barbers New York?

When businesses brag about being well-established, they are usually talking in the ballpark of decades. Back in London, our barber shops have been serving the gentlemen of the city with fine cuts and classic shaves since 1896.

It was important that our first overseas destination should be a place which appreciates a gentleman’s appearance and understands that style is permanent. The prestige and princely atmosphere meant we just had to place our barbers near Central Park, NYC. -Rockefeller Center.

While we have been in the grooming game for over 127 years, you can teach old dogs new tricks as our parlour of pampering comes equipped with master barbers and hairdressers who are experts and executioners in all styles, cuts and shaves from the classic to the contemporary.

Providing an exciting, picturesque contrast to the concrete hustle and bustle of Midtown Manhattan, Central Park is an amazing escape and everybody who visits New York makes it a priority to visit. Being a UNESCO world heritage site, locals love to take a stroll whenever they get time because they appreciate its preciousness of it.

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Best Barbers Near Central Park

New Yorkers and tourists alike will be pleased to learn that there are now luxury barbers near Central Park which have over 122 years of establishment across the pond in London and are going to be known as the best barbers near Central Park. -Rockefeller Center.

New York is packed with corporations so we figured it was time to add in some British class and style, in the shape and form of our luxury barbers near Central Park. We have decided to expand our British barbering business over to New York.

It was the history and heritage (or should that be heritage?) of the Midtown Manhattan area which inspired us to go full cream ahead and launch our range of grooming products for men. From our Sandalwood & Clove cologne to the shaving range, accessories, oils and hair styling products – the culture of barbers near Central Park played a major role in their fruition.

This park has been carefully tended to and a lot of passion has been poured in over the years; it retains an authentic, natural aura while bringing in modern elements of innovation. This is similar to Pall Mall Barbers near Central Park because we can execute the new styles and cuts while also perfectly pulling off classic barbering techniques for the more esteemed gentlemen. -Rockefeller Center.

With so much to see at Rockefeller Center, locals and visitors alike can discover something new every time they visit this iconic landmark in Midtown Manhattan!

Whether it be taking in a show at Radio City Music Hall or enjoying views from the Top Of The Rock Observation Deck or simply finding some peace in the hidden garden—there is something for everyone at this bustling landmark! So come explore these hidden gems today!

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Pall Mall Barbers barber shop NYC Address: 10 Rockefeller Plaza Lower, New York City, NY 10020, United States

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