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Pall Mall Barbers near Central Park

Where is Pall Mall Barbers New York?

Pall Mall Barbers Midtown Address: 10 Rockefeller Plaza Lower Concourse, New York City, NY 10020, United States

Please see a map of the concourse below.

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When businesses brag about being well-established, they are usually talking in the ballpark of decades. Back in London, our barber shops have been serving the gentlemen of the city with fine cuts and classic shaves since 1896. It was important that our first overseas destination should be a place which appreciates a gentleman’s appearance and understands that style is permanent. The prestige and princely atmosphere meant we just had to place our barbers near Central Park, NYC. While we have been in the grooming game for over 122 years, you can teach old dogs new tricks as our parlour of pampering comes equipped with master barbers and hairdressers who are experts and executioners in all styles, cuts and shaves from the classic to the contemporary.

Providing an exciting, picturesque contrast to the concrete hustle and bustle of Manhattan, Central Park is an amazing escape and everybody who visits New York makes it a priority to visit. Being a UNESCO world heritage site, locals love to take a stroll through whenever they get time because they appreciate the preciousness of it. New Yorkers and tourists alike will be pleased to learn that there are now luxury barbers near Central Park which has over 122 years of establishment across the pond in London and is going to be known as the best barbers near Central Park.

NYC is packed with corporations so we figured it’s time to add in some British class and style, in the shape and form of our luxury barbers near Central Park. We have decided to expand our British barbering business over to NYC. It was the history and heritage (or should that be heritage?) of the Manhattan area which inspired us to go full cream ahead and launch our range of grooming products for men. From our Sandalwood & Clove cologne to the shaving range, accessories, oils and hair styling products – the culture of barbers near Central Park played a major role in their fruition.

This park has been carefully tended to and a lot of passion has been poured in over the years; it retains an authentic, natural aura while bringing in modern elements of innovation. This is similar to Pall Mall Barbers near Central Park because we can execute the new styles and cuts while also perfectly pulling off classic barbering techniques for the more esteemed gentlemen.

Barbers near Central Park Zoo

Where is Central Park Zoo?

64th Street & 5th Avenue
New York
NY 10065

How far is Pall Mall Barbers from Central Park Zoo?

Walk – 20 mins
Taxi – 16 mins

Located in the south-east corner of the park, this exhibition of over 130 species from bears to ants is a very popular place indeed. Whether you’re a zoology enthusiast or you are taking the kids out for a trip they’ll talk about for months; why not treat yourself to the services of luxury barbers near Central Park Zoo? We are helpfully situated in the Rockefeller Center so there is plenty for your family to be occupied with while you sit back in our chair to get an invigorating experience from the best barbers near Central Park Zoo. If you are accustomed to having your own barber do your hair the same old way every other week, it’s time you stopped monkeying around and treated yourself to excellence. We have 122 years of the establishment behind us in London and now we are in New York offering the gentlemen of the area a team of barbers near Central Park Zoo who are equipped and ready to transform and tantalize.

Barbers near Strawberry Fields

Where is Strawberry Fields?

W 72nd Street
New York
NY 10019

How far is Pall Mall Barbers from Strawberry Fields?

Walk – 25 mins
Taxi – 18 mins

Tribute to John Lennon, this 2.5-acre patch of beauty is unbelievably tranquil and a total hotspot for tourists with some cultural curiosity. Folks congregate around and pay their respects to the word ‘imagine’ inscribed in the ground and we think that’s wonderful. Pall Mall Barbers near Strawberry Fields is originally from England too and one day we imagined our 122-year-old barbering empire to expand overseas. In 2018 we have made that a reality as we opened our luxury barbers near Strawberry Fields to service the gentlemen of the area with an experience they’ll never forget. Rather like the Beatles’ songs themselves, the pleasant lure of our barbershop near Strawberry Fields is addictive. We are extremely proud to be here in New York, especially as we discovered there are no luxury barbers near Central Park which could match our experience and know-how when it comes to classic barbering and modern hairstyling.

Barbers near Belvedere Castle

Where is Belvedere Castle?

79th Street,
New York
NY 10021

How far is Pall Mall Barbers from Belvedere Castle?

Walk – 30 mins
Taxi – 22 mins

This is the place where you get the best and highest views of Central Park. Although it is currently closed for refurbishment, the castle is set to reopen in 2019 and it will be even better than before. If you find yourself in the vicinity and you are looking for the best barbers near Belvedere Castle then you should be pleased to learn that Pall Mall Barbers near Central Park is just a mere comb’s throw away. We have been established in London, England since 1896 and decided to open our first international barbershop near Belvedere Castle. There’s just something about the majesty of Manhattan that led us to the area and this is partly the reason why we decided to set up our team of master barbers near Central Park – the area oozes class, tradition but with a big blend of modernity. We are situated at 45 Rockefeller Plaza and we are by far the best barbers near Belvedere Castle, come and check us out!

Barbers Kings Cross

Barbers near Sheep Meadow

Where is Sheep Meadow?

1802 65th Street Transverse
New York
NY 10065

How far is Pall Mall Barbers from Sheep Meadow?

Walk – 25 mins
Taxi – 18 mins

This is the vast green expanse which is so popular among New Yorkers who come to picnic and get some fresh air. The midtown skyline provides a dramatic backdrop and generally, it is a breathtakingly beautiful place to unwind. If you are a gentleman and find yourself looking for some further relaxation and pampering, you will be pleased to know that there are luxury barbers near Sheep Meadow. Offering traditional, classic services as well as modern hairstyles executed to perfection, our barbers near Sheep Meadow are ready and waiting to take a load off your mind (literally!).

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