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The Best Barbershop in Midtown

Make your first impression count at Pall Mall Barbers

Located at the prestigious Rockefeller Center in Midtown Manhattan, you’ll find our New York barbershop. Offering a treatment menu of all modern barbering services including, quality haircuts, beard styling, shaving and luxury men’s grooming products.

We are passionate about developing partnerships with our clientele through a deep understanding of what they are aiming to achieve. Every one of our clients receives a grooming experience from some of the best barbers in New York that is bespoke to their individual needs and tailored advice on all aspects of their grooming based on their style, hair type and face shape.

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Where is Pall Mall Barbers New York?

Pall Mall Barbers Midtown Address: 10 Rockefeller Plaza Lower Concourse, New York City, NY 10020, United States

Please see a map of the concourse below.

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When businesses brag about being well-established, they are usually talking in the ball park of decades. Back in London, our barber shops have been serving the gentlemen of the city with fine cuts and classic shaves since 1896. It was important that our first overseas destination should be a place which appreciates a gentleman’s appearance and understands that style is permanent. The prestige and princely atmosphere meant we just had to place our barbershop in Midtown, NYC. Having our first US barbershop in Midtown means we are likely to meet esteemed, discerning gentlemen such as yourself who are interested in the finest, most luxurious haircut from the best barbershop in Midtown, Manhattan. While we have been in the grooming game for over 122 years, you can teach old dogs new tricks as our parlour of pampering comes equipped with master barbers and hairdressers who are experts and executioners in all styles, cuts and shaves from the classic to the contemporary.

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Known for its saturation of skyscrapers, bold business and big bucks you might be on this avenue wondering how to earn yourself a million dollar haircut. Now, there is a luxury barbershop in Midtown which has over 122 years of establishment in London and is going to be known as the best barbershop in Midtown. The place is packed with corporations so we figured it’s time to add in some British class and style, in the shape and form of our luxury barbershop in Midtown. We have decided to expand our British barbering business over to NYC. It was the history and heritage (or should that be hairitage?) of the area which inspired us to go full cream ahead and launch our range of grooming products for men. From our Sandalwood & Clove cologne to the shaving range, accessories, oils and hair styling products.

Our Midtown barbers shares the neighborhood with some iconic buildings from the Empire State Building to the Chrysler Building and the Rockefeller Centre where you can find the best Midtown haircut courtesy of Pall Mall Barbers NYC. Known as the central business district, we thought it’s about time Midtown barbers knew how to really get down to business and craft incredible cuts and serve some awesome styles here at our barbershop in Midtown. Bringing our British barbering history with us (which is over 122 years old), we add a unique blend of tradition and modern techniques to the experience at our barbershop in Midtown. Some of the folks looking for a Midtown haircut are students, thanks to the various campuses we have in this area – this is important to us because we are big believers in teaching and learning. Even though our Midtown barbers boasts an impressive 122 year history back in Britain, we never stop learning and keeping our eyes out for the latest trends. This means when you arrive at your barbershop in Midtown, you are not just being received by the best Midtown barbers but consultants and advisors too. They will help you understand the best style for you as well as which products you should be using to maintain that Midtown haircut.

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Fans of the New York-based show, ‘Power’ will be familiar with the lyrics: “I’m from the city full of yellow cabs and skyscrapers”. Our barbershop in Midtown is among the very essence of that line and it feels awesome to be among the hustle and bustle. If it’s the power you are looking for, you must first consider your appearance. When you go to shake somebody’s hand or kiss a person’s cheek, they will notice your hair, beard, scent and smile. You could be wearing the flashiest suit but if you don’t have the best Midtown haircut from a visit to the greatest barbershop in Midtown, you are missing out on the most valuable ingredient of your physical persona. When you deny yourself the opportunity to visit a barbershop in Midtown which prides itself on luxury and lends its services to those who only appreciate the work of masterful Midtown barbers, you are actually denying yourself the opportunity to hit it off with a hot woman, close a life-changing deal with a client and build your confidence to unprecedented levels. This is the magic of having a local master craftsman who can give you a Midtown haircut and groom your beard to perfection with phenomenal results.

As men, it is important that we stop viewing our visits to the barbershop in Midtown as a job – we must look at it as a joy, something which is as crucial to our lives as putting socks on in the morning or having polished shoes. You wouldn’t go for a job interview with dirty loafers or a shabby suit, so why would you live any day of your life without the proper grooming routine courtesy of our luxury Midtown barbers? Get a Midtown haircut you can be proud of and one which makes you feel handsome – notice how it changes your walk and even the way you talk. All of those ambitions you had become achievable once again as your entire mood is lifted by a simple rendezvous with our Midtown barbers who are ready and waiting to deliver you a Midtown haircut like no other.

We’re originally from London, where we have been cutting hair since 1896 but one thing we have noticed about the magnificent city of New York is the awe-inspiring, physical, material environment which has been carved out of the concrete. The tall buildings, the impressive feats of engineering and the rampant economy – this is a place where winners win if they work hard and losers lag behind if they lack commitment and ambition. You could get eaten alive here but if you are prepared to put the work in, you could find endless gold. Every long journey starts with a small step and we believe yours should be into the threshold of our luxury barbershop in Midtown where our incredible Midtown barbers will be on hand to greet you, groom you and get you into a routine of looking like a winner, feeling like a winner and being a winner.

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