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Luxury Wet Shave Gift Voucher


Experience a luxury, traditional wet shave done by one of our highly qualified barbers, who has a minimum of 10 years’ experience.

Luxury Wet Shave Gift Voucher

Pall Mall Barbers Luxury Wet Shave Gift Voucher is far more than your standard traditional barbershop shave. Our vastly experienced team of barbers have dissected the way the standard shave has been done in the past and have turned it from a service, into an unforgettable, luxurious shaving experience.
We have split this exclusive wet shave experience into sections that include pre-shave, shave and post-shave. All of our wet shaves are carried out by barbers with a minimum of 10 years’ experience and are done with the aid of our revolutionary 3-Step Sandalwood & Clove Shaving System products.
Sandalwood has a masculine scent along with fantastic moisturising qualities that leave your face feeling fantastic. The clove has antiseptic values; this prevents any irritation and blotchiness on the skin.
Each luxury wet shave starts with a full consultation. In the consultation your senior barber will talk through any issues you may have with shaving and look at aspects like direction of skin growth and any areas that may get irritated. Your barber will then suggest techniques that may improve your quality of shave at home.
After the consultation, you just need to lay back and relax in one of our original Beaumont chairs and let your barber give you a fantastic traditional shaving experience.
The pre-shave then begins. This includes hot towel treatments, pre-shave cleansing and skin preparation using our prickly pear pre-shave scrub and pre-shave glide oil.
By now you will be totally relaxed and this is when the shave commences. Your face will be lathered using our silvertip badger hair shaving brushes and our sandalwood and clove shaving cream. A small amount leaves a warm thick lather ready to be removed by a straight edge razor, under the careful eye and steady hand of our vastly experienced barber. Two shaves will take place.

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Dimensions 22 × 11 × 1 cm
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