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Luxury Wet Shave & Wash Cut


Luxury Wet Shave & Wash Cut experience complimented by a consultation with one of our highly qualified and experienced barbers.

Luxury Wet Shave & Wash Cut

Why not add a wash and cut to the luxury wet shave? We start by giving you an expert consultation to find out exactly what you need and what would suit you, before washing your hair with our new range of PMB products. One of our experts in cutting men’s hair will perform a cut and style catered for your individual needs. Then the shaving experience begins.
In the luxury wet shave we have the pleasure of incorporating products from our newly developed male grooming and skincare range, which is packed with natural sandalwood & clove oil and designed to restore and balance even the most sensitive skins.
The face is first wrapped in a hot towel to soften the beard and open the pores, before we gently exfoliate the skin with our Pre-Shave Scrub, which lifts the hairs on the skin and removes dead skin cells, promoting cellular regeneration using effective yet mild exfoliating beads. Then warming lubricating shave oil packed with 12 beneficial oils is massaged into the skin before another hot towel is wrapped around the face until cool, maximising the absorption of oil and further softening the beard, preparing the skin for a smooth irritation free shave. A warm triple cushion lather is then blended for your skin type and worked into the beard area with a natural badger hair brush, providing a smooth and deeply nourishing base for the hair to effortlessly be removed.
After removing all the hair in the direction of growth (with the grain) we then work up another warm lather over the skin and with another fresh blade, go against the grain to leave the skin hair free and amazingly soft and supple. Now, our concentrated, nourishing Post-Shave Balm, containing high levels of botanicals and essential oils is applied to the face, before a cold towel is wrapped around the face closing the pores and leaving the skin toned and refreshed.
To finish off, our wonderful Post-Shave Balm is applied to the skin to not only sooth and nourish it, but provide a protective layer from pollution.

Dimensions 22 × 11 × 1 cm
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