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Iconic Footballer Haircuts – Get Inspired by the Best Players

Famous Football Players Haircuts & Hairstyles | Best Men Barbers NYC

Roman Weidenfeller’s Ear Tuck

The sides should be clipped with a #2 or #3. The hair in the very front should be about 2 and a half inches, while the hair on top should be around 2 inches. Finally, the hair in the back should be about an inch.

Which products are necessary to get Roman Weidenfeller’s, Ear Tuck?

Use Flexible Shine by Pall Mall Barbers, because it provides a messy texturized look that can be re-worked throughout the day.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Textured Comb Over Hair Cut

Letting the undercut grow out, Ronaldo opts for short tapered hair on the sides and a textured medium-length style on top. His clean-shaven face and shaped eyebrows add to this sleek look.

Which products are needed to style Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut?

Your best bet is Pompadour Paste because it brings a natural shine and texture to your hair.

Lionel Messi’s Clean and Classic Hair Cut

Clean and classic cuts look great on Messi and are a great choice for active men. These cuts and styles are easy to wear and look great during heat, sweat and vigorous activity.

Which products should you use to get the Messi Haircut?

Light Dressing Cream by PMB, for a medium hold that looks and feels natural.

Luxury Light Dressing Cream that gives a natural finish and shine and has a medium hold.

Neymar’s Comb-Over Fade 

The comb over fade is a popular haircut, it looks great and is low maintenance. This flowing, voluminous style is on-trend. The auburn hue is a flattering choice.

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Which products should you use to get Neymar’s haircut?

Workable Paste helps to style hair at home or on-the-go with exceptional texture.

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