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Best Place to Get Your Haircut and Beard Trim in New York

Best Place to Get Your Haircut and Beard Trim in New York

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Looking for the best barber in New York to get a great haircut? Are you eyeing a reliable barbershop near me to trim and style your beard or shave it all off? While there are many options, you might be searching for a barbershop that’s cut above the rest! Well, look no further.

Whether you want a holistic grooming session or a quick trim, we at Pall Mall Barbers New York have got you covered. As experts in the haircutting industry, catering to men’s haircut and grooming needs for decades, Pall Mall Barbers New York can offer you the perfect haircut to make you feel confident. Every aspect of the services we provide is carefully thought out, so you receive the best of the best there is.

Want to know what makes Pall Mall Barbers New York stand apart from the rest? Here’s why we are the best “barber shop near me in New York for you!

Barbers Kings Cross

Long-Standing Reputation

Our story started in 1896 in London, and we have come a long way ever since – from expanding barbershops to introducing our own hair care products to winning globally recognized awards. Pall Mall Barbers London is reputed for offering consistent, high-quality, and top-notch grooming services for decades. We have a strong and loyal client base who come to us repeatedly to get their haircut. It has been no different with our barbershop in New York. In the past, our brand has been synonymous with the best barber near me that’s frequented by high-profile clients.

We provide the finest grooming services for gentlemen looking for the best barbershop near me New York. Pall Mall Barbers provides you with the classic English barbershop experience, combining both traditional and modern men’s hairstyles. We always focus on providing clients with a relaxed experience that they can enjoy leisurely. We aim to enhance the mental health well-being of clients, in addition to rewarding you with an amazing men’s haircut!

Pall Mall Barbers have bagged many awards in the past. We won the Male Barbers of the Year at the Corporate LiveWire London Prestige Awards 2019, the Board of Trade Champions Award in 2019, and RLI Rising Stars Award in 2019. Our achievements are proof of our dedication, quality of service, and exceptional customer experience. If you are searching for the best barbers near me with solid expertise, we are here to serve you!

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Experienced and Friendly Staff

All our barbers are highly experienced and skilled in what they offer. More importantly, they are a diverse team of passionate barbers who enjoy the services they offer. So, rest assured that you will be in good hands! Our best barbers have worked in leading barber shops in New York and possess years of experience in the haircutting field. They also specialize in different services such as beard styling, shaving, classic cuts, massages, etc.

Before getting hold of their scissors, they will take time to have a friendly chat with you to understand your requirements. Believe us when we say our barbers hold the magic of making you feel so relaxed and happy.

You can explain the kind of haircut you need or the look you want to achieve, and our best barbers will provide their recommendations for you. They have worked with a large base of clients over the years, providing a variety of men’s haircuts. However, ultimately, it’s your choice, and our barbers will ensure you get the best men’s haircut!

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Classic English Barbershop Interior

Another element that sets us apart is our homely and well-maintained interior. We take pride in maintaining a traditional barbershop interior with wood-panelled floors and walls, super-comfortable swivel chairs, lean-over sinks, and of course, the stress-busting banter! It’s one of the things our clients love about our barber shops. We cater to modern gentlemen’s needs in a conventional way, rounding up a unique experience!

We adopted the ambience of our London barbershops when designing our New York store, so you get to enjoy the traditional English barbershop experience right here in New York! As you step in, you will be greeted with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making you feel relaxed right away. We ensure that our barbershop is cleaned frequently after every session of haircuts in order to maintain optimal hygiene practices. Our meticulously clean and pleasant interior would invite you to settle in the barber chair and enjoy the experience right away!

Easy Access – Your Best Barbershop Nearby

Convenience is another key aspect that sets us apart. Pall Mall Barbers Midtown is located in the Rockefeller Plaza, New York. So, finding the Pall Mall Barber shop near me is not a hard task. If you want to get the directions to our store, check them out here.

You don’t have to spend a great deal of time looking for a top-notch barber in New York. Our barber shop is in close proximity to public transport. We operate Monday to Saturday from 9.00 A.M to 7.00 PM and you can call us at +1 (212) 586 2220 to book your appointment with us today!

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Wide Range of Services

Consider your visits to the best barber near me as a self-care routine, and you will note a dramatic change in how you feel. At Pall Mall Barbers, our focus is on providing you a therapeutic experience. We aim to make our customers look good and feel good, elevating their confidence in themselves.

As pioneers in the barbering industry, we know that a great men’s haircut can make a world of difference regardless of whether you are a style-conscious person or not. Our best barbers treat every customer as their first and best, providing the best men’s haircut and grooming services.

At present, Pall Mall Barbers offer a range of services such as,

  • Haircuts
  • Haircuts with fades
  • Clipper-only haircuts
  • Head shaves
  • Beard shaves
  • Beard trims/stylings
  • Friction
  • Hot towel treatment

Our best barbers are specialized in providing both modern and classic haircuts, so we can always provide the exact haircut you need! From classic scissor cuts to high fades to stunning pompadours to trendy Mohawks, we have got you covered.

You can get our barbershop services individually or enjoy a combination of them by choosing a package. Many of our clients prefer combining their haircut or beardy styling with a well-being session for a relaxing experience.

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Premium Quality Haircare Products

Everything we use from scissors to hair styling products is of the finest quality – we make no compromises there. As the best barber nearby, we only use high-quality equipment to provide you with the best service possible. The luxurious products we use are bespoke to meet the needs of the gentlemen who seek our services repeatedly. They help our expert barbers do a fabulous and flawless job in style. So, it’s time you ditch substandard services and sign up for the best barbershop in New York!

Besides offering top-notch haircuts, we also help you maintain your hairstyle and grooming routine at home. During the pandemic, we didn’t have the luxury of stepping out of the house to get a haircut from the barbershop near me. So, you would very well be aware of the importance of getting into a good grooming routine. Our best barbers New York are happy to teach you tips and tricks!

If you don’t want to settle for anything less than our premium quality products, don’t worry. You can purchase Pall Mall Barbers products through our website or from our stores. We offer a range of hairstyling and grooming products.

You can purchase,

  • Shaving kits (razors, brushes, and stand)
  • Beard grooming kits (beard oil, moustache wax, cooling gel, and cologne)
  • Haircare kits (shampoo and conditioner)
  • Hairstyling products (pomade, pompadour paste, cream, texture enhancer, clay, and shine paste)

You can purchase them individually or as bundled products – if you want a good saving for your pocket! Interested? Browse all our products here.

In-depth Consultation

Clients seek our barber shop nearby services to prepare themselves for both casual and special occasions. So, we know that there are times when you won’t settle just for a trim at the barbershop. If you have a special occasion a meeting with important clients, a date with your special someone, or even an audition for modelling – you would want to look your best.  We want you to look at the part as well, and there’s no better place to help you with it than Pall Mall Barbers!

You can use our barber consultation service to have a one-to-one discussion with one of our professional barbers. By examining your facial features, hair type, and length, they will recommend suitable men’s hairstyles for you. If you have a particular men’s haircut in mind already, you can explain it to them. Speaking with the best barber near me will help you figure out the best haircut that suits you, the kind of products to use, and the ways of styling your hair appropriately.

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Unmatched Experience

All in all, what makes us a cut above the rest and the best barbershop in New York is the sophisticated experience we provide to our clients. At Pall Mall Barbers, every client is made to feel special, confident, and great about themselves. We aren’t renowned only for providing outstanding barber shop services. We are also popular among clients because of the way we treat them. Ultimately, you need to be comfortable with yourself. We aim to enhance the self-esteem and confidence of gentlemen, making them feel good about themselves. Now, tell us if there’s a better barber shop near me.

A visit to Pall Mall Barbers is your ultimate pampering session. Treat yourself to a good haircut, beard trim/shave, and scalp friction, and you will feel your stress easing right away. We all deal with busy schedules and have days where we work around the clock. So, your monthly appointment with the best barber nearby for a haircut session that may last up to 30-60 minutes, depending on your choice, is the perfect way to rewind! You will surely step out of our barbershop near me feeling relaxed and spoilt. Whether you need some quiet time or enjoy friendly chatter, we got you!

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Great Reviews

Still not convinced? Don’t worry. You don’t have to take our word. If you visit our website or search Pall Mall Barbers New York on Google, you will see that we have a large number of positive reviews.

We have over 1000 reviews claiming we are one of the best barbershops in New York and London. We have an aggregate score of 4.8 on Reviews.co.uk. Moreover, we also have a score beyond 4.5 on Google reviews for all our stores!

These reviews by our past customers speak volumes about our exceptional service. We pride ourselves as the best barbershop near me for a good reason! Our barbers treat our clients to the best haircuts they have ever had, and it’s a rare case that a client walks out dissatisfied. At Pall Mall Barbers, we have always focused on providing an exceptional customer experience and become the best barbers near me

Place an Appointment!

Now that you know the best barber nearby to get the best haircut, don’t wait anymore! Contact us to place an appointment or speak to one of our best barbers about your requirements.

Although the pandemic situation is under control at present, you would want to go for a good barbershop that takes health and safety precautions seriously. We at Pall Mall Barbers strictly abide by the regulations outlined by the health authorities to ensure all our customers are safe during the haircutting and grooming sessions.

If this is the first time you are hoping to visit Pall Mall Barbers, we have good news for you! You can enjoy a discount of $7 when you get your first haircut. This is an offer available exclusively for our new customers. So, call your best barber near me today!

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Pall Mall Barbers NYC – To Look and Feel Your Best!

Are you ready to rock out to your favourite band at the TODAY Citi Concert Series? The energy and excitement of live music are unmatched but don’t forget to take care of yourself once the show is over. Head on over to Pall Mall Barbers NYC for a relaxing and refreshing experience. Our expert barbers will give you a new and polished look, perfect for your next concert outing. Take some time to pamper yourself and unwind after an amazing performance. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to look and feel your best!

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Pall Mall Barbers NYC

10 Rockefeller Plaza Lower Concourse,
New York CityNY 10020
United States (US)
Phone: +1 (212) 586 2220

Pall Mall Barbers NYC Address: 10 Rockefeller Plaza Lower, New York City, NY 10020, United States

Nearest Train Stations

Book an appointment with our awesome team at Midtown, this can be done via our Website Booking System or by using the free PMB app (available on iOS and Android). Alternatively, call the shop and speak to one of our friendly team members, who will be delighted to make a booking for you.

The service menu provides a full description of what to expect when you visit Pall Mall Barbers Midtown.

Please bring your face covering with you for your appointment. We want to save the NHS. Please find information on our services and visiting restrictions in our COVID-19 section here

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